Living in November

There is a joy to being alive today.
The leaves that started this journey
with us lay lifeless on our streets. We
watch the skeletal frame of their naked
home dance in the chilly wind
as we snug our jacket up to ur chin
under the moon. We are alive,
taking in fresh breathe while
the year that was once new prepares
to draw its last. We choose
to breathe-in the festivity of Christmas
and breathe out the frustrations of goals
our hands could not reach. We choose
to bask under the sparkles in the sky
and ignore the darkness that now envelope
the sun, leaving us with only a few hours
of daylight. We choose
to leave October behind to
enjoy the prospect of December
while living fully in November.

We choose to live today, knowing
today is a good day to be alive.

@Kayo Logun




When the sun stops


where do you go

for warmth.


When they call you
They say a prayer
They draw goodness
Like magnet draws nails

When you say your name
You fill the cup of greatness
Buried within you
From ages past

When we say our names
The wide gates of heaven
Are thrown open for
Our world to be showered
With unlimited Joy.

Keep teaching them
how to say your name
And make sure they
Call it with a “K”

They need to say it right
When your blessings
Becomes the sun.

@ Kayologun

Dedicated to EYEZ. Sorry I missed your birthday.

Raise a Glass

July may lay a heavy burden on our hearts
Serving us a cold mix of dread and uncertainty
With its nature of a beginning racing towards an end.
Life in July may lay on a fast lane
Sliding down the year while
Snacking on the minutes we feed our dreams
Making us put a peg on things
But all dreams have to be reactivated
For what are we without them?
All our plans must be reviewed
As work done in the past few months
Are bringing in opportunities in a sleigh.
So I have placed a bottle of bubbly in a bucket
And will raise a glass to what the bottom
Of this year has in its cooler.
The question is
Will you join me?

When they take you
without your permission
it makes you weak

let it.


This world needs more butterflies
flapping beauty across the sky,
spraying colours through green leaves.
This world needs you to grow your dreams from the larvae days when all slide
along and your body is too heavy
for the wind to carry.

This world needs you to keep at it
till your dreams cut their way out
of their cocoon.

This world needs you to feed your dreams with actions, so that others
can believe there is miracle in them.

About You

Some poems push me
to the edge, draw me
back with a Whiplash force
And leave me breathless.

You are always
the subject of those.