You and I are two sides
of a coin
we dance on water
and make the world
stand still.
You and I are two sides
of a dagger
we leave behind
a kilimanjaro of bodies.
You and I are
a penny in no one’s thought.


I have been
beaten like egg white
whipped like cocobutter
Moulded like clay
to fit their claim.
They have made
me an urn on the top
shelf and I have
learnt to fold inwards
like a curly flower
I have learnt to be empty
but I am yet to forget
my ancestors.


Boil me water
hand me the knife
get me the spices
set up the fire
give me ‘that’
that keeps you down
let me make you
a cancer soup
so you can


‚ÄčIt’s easier
to laugh
then to cry. So
I hang on to your
every word.



When pickpockets
Lives On targeted group
People sneak out So
The Crown owned
Money get the police.


She was the road
He got out from.