Drop Dead Gorgeous

Doctor John had always been blunt, too blunt for a doctor. On many occasions, he had almost gotten himself killed by patients’ families. His appointment for the afternoon is Chantel, a drop dead gorgeous young thing. He had known her since she was a baby and had watched her grow into a brilliant young lady.
Five years ago, she came up with an idea that would change the world. She and two other tech wizards worked day and night to make the idea a reality but there was something missing. Last night, she discovered what it was and planned to reveal this to her colleagues at a dinner tonight, but first she had to get her test result from the hospital.
As soon as Chantel stepped into the room in her sparkling dinner dress, Doctor John said
” That is a lovely dress but you should keep it clean for next week as you have                         only five days to live”
Chantel dropped dead.