Tonight is one of those nights.
You know the ones where every minute is an acid bath.
Questions falls on open wounds, the sweat of an empty room
seeps through the strike of the clock.
And though work feels like lashes,
going home is a gunshot to the heart.

I look to the cloud to soak me
in the rain of your voice.
Wash away the grains of your absence
boring into my thoughts, sending me on a spiral stairs
of tears and laughter along the rim of fading memories.

The stars start to form your face and stops
like a broken swing leaving me to guess
if that little star by the moon is the glitter is your eyes
or the sparkle of your teeth. If the hugging stars, are really you
or the heavenly bodies having a laugh at my tears.

Even words befriending each other
in the pub of poetry have lost their warmth.
They pour on the page like wild wind leaving
a path of ashes and myrrh. Hanging on my tongue
a taste that makes me gag and throw up
crystals of kisses we ones shared.

Tonight words fail me; they fall without a sound
bouncing off the wall that still has the tint of your shadow.
You are the thin air whistling everywhere and nowhere.
You are the silence I hear in the echoes
I wear in my heels.

Tonight is one more night I add to my collection of
unwanted mirrors of memories. With broken skin and pieced veins,
I’ll find the strength to move on till another night like this comes along
but this is my official notice to you and to God who
tied us together with the rope of two horses
galloping towards different directions.
I am stretching so thin I am about to snap.

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It danced
through her pen
flexing its muscles
along a crystal canvas. She drew history into existence
with every drop of her
blood immortalizing
the pain of her People. She wove
their tears into every word
till she drew a picture
bright as water
timeless as time.