Love like fire


She said she wants a love like fire.
I said love warms a cold heart
Lightens your soul and heals your heart
If you find a love like that
Kindle it with your soul
Hold it close to your heart

She said she wants a love like fire
I said love rages like a devil’s tongue
Cools a warm heart and level forests
If you find a love like that
Feed it with water, smother it with cotton
Run like a cheetah
A love that rages and burn
Would eat you up and
Spit you into the the air
So run run run.

She said I want a love like fire
I said love is the CPR to a dead heart
The warm body on a winter night
The spinner of the dish called heart
If you find a love like this
Feed with with your life
Engrave it on your heart
Hold it tight to your bosom
This love would give you life

Midnight Candle

Words swims across the page
dancing like a piece of meat
in my neighbour’s sunday soup.
the night wind sings with rage.
I drift upon spikes and needles,
Wake to a deep fog.
Darkness – this is our fate, our destiny
to burn the midnight bunny
We are students stu-dying.

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Tears is a way of relieving ourselves of the burden of pain. So cry your eyes out when things go wrong.

Life is such that things will sometimes go wrong and you will feel the emotions that goes with it. It’s good to lock yourself up, cry, be moody; do whatever makes you feel the emotions but don’t wallow in it for too long.

Call off the pity party, analyse ur situation and move on to the next action. Life won’t wait for you while you are swimming in the the mess of a pity party.

So get up and grab the bull by the neck

Lost (Beloved Daughter)

It was a Summer Evening
The breeze ran over the grass
turned the leaves into Jelly fishes.
I crushed blades beneath my feet
with every step on my way to find love.

Love had a different mind
He pulled me by my crown
pinned my face to the rock
Scales of the baobab tree
and yanked my skirt away.

The torn piece flew into the night
soaring like a lone vulture away
From the carcass of it dinner engraved
in the belly of fine pebbles in a mute furnace.

Ice wind rushed between my legs
Flushing my will, my freedom
Through my mouth with every scream
of NO! Please! Don’t!

He slammed away, tearing through my web
Till he released his poison inside of me
It toxic glow exploded through my veins
Till my heart pumped charcoal ink
Upon the slab I wrote my will.

This  poem has been edited several times, here is the latest version on my first attempt on Soundcloud. Listen and comment on which version you like more.