Some days are thunderstorms and hurricanes.
Making me want to hang
my running shoes,
curl into a ball and shut
the world out.

On those days,
I will the other person within
to take over the journey
Some of those journeys
were where
I found miracles.
-Kayo Logun

Status Change

When you go to bed
a bride
and wake up
a widow,
the world becomes
an unseasoned chicken.
Breathing becomes
a bag of rocks
dragging you
underwater to
the land of darkness
and thorns.
– Kayo Logun

Tunnel End

Can you feel it
Creeping behind you
Transforming the hair on your
skin to soldiers at war front.

Can you feel the light
About to swallow
your shadow
Can you feel it
Like summer
After her icy winter.
-Kayo Logun