When the darkness within
awakes. It swallows
all confidence, whispers sweet nothings
of past failures,
present dangers,
future dooms.
I escape to a place of safety, lined with positivity,
blessed with the light
of strawberry
icecream and chocolate coated brazillian nut.
          ©Kayo Logun


Who told you the sky is too high for your hiking boots.
That your dreams are too dull to be crafted in the sun.
That your feet are too smooth to leave footprints.
That your heart is too lost
to find true love.
Show them their lies
by engraving your footprint on the sun,
from the arms of your lover.


They say people learn
to call you what you say
you are.
I say I am a bird, flying
with the wind in my wings
I say I am a butterfly, beautiful from all sides
I say I am a diamond, to be valued for all ages.
I say I am
Kayo Logun,
and there is
only one of this.


There is a darkness within him beyond the help of nature.
The hands of Summer hardened it with
a breath of fire.
The flow of Winter  crystalised it with
a tip of ice.
Only her smile can melt it
Only her kiss can soften it
Only his love for her can save us all.


Words are chameleons:
leaves swaying in directions at the mercy of contrusions.
When you said you loved
me     you spat syllables drifting in the path of love
for my body. I chose
to believe the sounds
forced out of your belly as
I ride you had roots
but they fell off
the tree of your heart
they withered in winter.


I hear the siren
Dark with the taste of death
floating in my dreams between where I stand and where I belong.
I hear the melody of faith
Sweet as the nectar of life
beyond the deep darkness
in the brightness of hope
where I belong.
           ©Kayo Logun


At Ten, My Father met me.
His fingers swam within me his words “baby it won’t hurt” slipped down
my ears as he met me.
He lied. It hurt. He lied.
The fire between my legs faded in time
the gap in my soul
became louder with years.
I met my father at Ten
and baby it hurt.
                    ©Kayo Logun