My Voice

There are words I want to Scream,
Sing, Yell at the top of my voice.
There are affirmations I want
to make but I can’t.
They are held down like gas
in a cylinder by Doubt, Fear, Expectations.
Today, I’ll let out only one and maybe
I’ll get the courage to let out more later-
I want to be an Actor; wear many skins
and speak in many tongues.
This is a part of me
I need you to understand


When you are
Stuck between
Black and White
Ideas and Desires
Society and Self.
It’s time to burst
Into many colours
Of self discovery;
Find a space
That feels
Like Home.


To gaze upon the light
At the neck of the tunnel
You must
Embrace the hair raising spirit
Of the dark tunnel.

Still Loving You

This blank page is the unspoken words
You punched back into my lungs,
The white space your feet
Travelled from the blood stained carpet
To the space between my ribs.

This blank page is my testament
To the truth that I made it.
I mended my broken ribs
And stuffed my mouth with smiles
That smells like the ocean and tastes
Like sunshine.

This blank page is my heart still loving you
But not willing to save you
From the other women who found their
Voice and wrote epistles with their
Blood burning the horror you dealt them
Into blank pages.


The mercy I live with lives
In the heavens
A mercy that opens
Locked doors and sets
My blessings free.
A mercy that grants
Me grace that is
out of this world


I have been fighting like a bull,
been doubtful like Thomas,
even ran like Jonah.
My bones have been
broken in many places
by battles that won’t end,
struggles that won’t stop
but his grace kept me going
and my reward today
is breathtaking.
So I say God is love
love is God.


life is free
life flees
life is short
life shouts
to us
to live
and to die
– Kayo Logun