Lost in Letters

Her eyes spoke a language I did not understand
Her lips spat words, bleeding into an open wound on her chest
Her eyes spoke letters I could not comprehend
Until her hands found my slate and wrote letters I could not understand.
But now I want to learn, know what these words mean
The need to know travels through my spine to the shadows of my thighs
The answer is within her she says
warm, soft and cosy
The question is burning, dehydrating my blood.
I have to know what these mean
So find me in the depth of her
curves looking for death by fingers.

White Shirt

brush against the pebbles
and send down fire
leave no trace
of your guilt stay
well away from the dirty
shoes and naked feet.
You are to shine
through the
walk of shame.

Marriage of Faith

Exactly 5 years ago my father
married his pocket with his
heart, sent her over the seas.

The land they say was greener
this was what his heart desired.
He had faith that the melodies
of a foreign land would not cause
his citadel to fall in step to the dance of lost souls.

You see she was craved
from an iroko tree, raised
in the belly of rusted roofs,
molded between the rods
and the words, surely her heart
must have bended to truth
of her destiny. She must
have learnt what it means
to be her father’s daughter.