How to dress an Engineer for work

I don’t have to stress the fact that Engineers are lousy dressers. They might select the best materials, pick the best working parts but they cannot pick a shirt and pants that fit the fashion world. If you talk to them about it, they will always come up with an excuse; there is always something more important. The truth is an Engineer needs help in this department so let us help him out, let us dress the man, let us tell him we have a modelling connect if he might want to switch careers. Let the suggestions roll in.

I would say, we should throw out all those frayed collar shirts and loose hems, and then order suitcases of new arrivals from some brand name flagship store. The problem is that Engineers don’t trust new things, they want the old, tried and trusted, the grease stains, rough and rumpled. What do you do with an old shirt to make it fit into the world of perfect dressing and save these poor folks? You fix it with the right pants. Talking about the right pants, Engineers want comfort; they want a tough pair of jeans, the older the better. They don’t like belts but they won’t let their pants hang low though; at least they got that right. Their reason is safety, they really need to be able to move fast in case there is an emergency, all pathways must be clear, you know what I mean . To them its all about functionality, high class gear must serve as a tool kit, a swipe for sweat and dirt and double as a stag wear. Engineers are cautious, they pay attention to details of potential risks so no open toe shoe ¬†would do, you dont want to see those talons, hide them.

Surprisingly, ¬†Engineers know a lot about colours, just not how to combine them in dresses. They know that combining the colours in the spectrum gives white, so they thinks by wearing a red shirt, blue belts and green pants, black helmet, brown boot and walking briskly they can appear in white like the famous experiment. They wanna prove it, “it is called research”, they would say. ”

“No my Engineer friends, there is a concept called ‘color riot’ you just can’t extrapolate facts propound laws, argue they are universal and believe it works every where.”

Laying a pair of fashionable Armanis on the bed and explaining the basics : belts must not go too far past the second belt hole and it must match your shoe shade plus your watch, an Engineer would asked if you know that polyester carries a static charge, that could ignite. If an Engineer finally gets around this and picks one of his classics, he would say, he wonders if the marinara stains goes with the dark brown belt you offered. He would sigh and tell you the world can’t see your effort as his overalls would be on the whole day, then he would stomp out of the door, calculating how many sheets he needs for the next stage of the project.

written by Balogun Deji