I want a love
that would make me go
squatting in a landslide.
A love that
Would make me tango
In a lion’s den.
One love that
Would make me
Sunbathe in a crocodile
Ridden water.
That love that
Would make me
Sing in a ball of fire.
A love that knows no fear.
I have a love
that takes away the fear
I have a love in


​I have been here before
Falling on this road
With you.
Years later we came off with
My sole lost with my soul.
And your knuckles
Spitting blood.
This road of silence
Is not a path
I will walk with you


I wish my head is a firework display dropping ideas like a DJ deck
Making the world bow at my feet
Like an Agarma Lizard.
I wish my mind is made of alloy
With a dedication that build empires.
I wish I have become someone else
In the course of time spent 
On earth but the ultimate is
I wish I am happy with me.
I wish I know me.
I wish I do me.
I wish my origin isn’t
quick to devour me.
I wish I could be free
to love without fear.


Olojukokoro is the man
with a wife at home
looking through his
broken mirror at me.
The day he marries
his tongue with his
mind is the day
I drag him like a rag
and wash him
like Omi ishonwo.


I stress I am
not a Damsel in distress
My beauty does
not make me helpless