This Day

My emotions, I paint in words
but this misfortune is greater
than the words I harbour.
Like a vampire,
it has sucked me dry.
My pen lay without ink
and words elude my mind.

Gerald Roger’s Advice after a divorce – A feminine Response 4

Drop the Mask

Part 4

16.  Drop the Mask

Share everything with your partner and listen to him. It takes courage for him to admit that he is not perfect. Listening to his dark side does not been you are condoning bad behaviour, it only means he trusts you enough to let you know him for what he is. Try not to snap or condemn because that may make him clam up and you don’t want that.


17.  Common Grounds

Grow together by finding something you both enjoy and make out time to do this thing together. Appreciate what he enjoys that you don’t. Find out why he loves it so much maybe then you can see what he sees.


18.  Money Fight.

       Money they say is the root of evil and if you were not careful, it would make you two great enemies. Always look at the bigger picture when it comes to money. Look at what you are trying to achieve and work with him to get there. Consider each other’s suggestion and detach yourself from the issue.


19.  Freedom of Forgiveness.

       Learn to forgive each other as fast as you can but don’t forget to forgive yourself too. Talk through issues, trash it out, forgive and let it end there. Grudges have a way of eating at you without you noticing.


20.  Love Rule

       Let love guide every of your action. Love with all your heart and let him love you. Open your heart to receive the love he offers you and let this be the principle behind all your actions.

After all said,

Marriage needs constant re-evaluation; it evolves and changes because it is a state involving two individuals from different background. Values changes, situations changes, accidents happen and the shape of marriages are affected.

Marriage is an everlasting tree but it needs water, nutrients, sunshine and a lot of loving. You need to check its position constantly, see if it needs more water, sunshine or loving and adjust as appropriate. Without proper monitoring and hard work, it would wither away.

Having said all these, let me remind you that I have never been married and while you may not see me as an authority on this matter because of that fact, I can tell you that if I land myself a King, I sure will try all best to be a queen. It would not be easy but I am sure my King would see my effort and help me to be his Queen.

Goodluck Queens, be all your King needs you to be.

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Gerald Roger’s Advice after a divorce – A feminine Response 3

Part 3

11.  Don’t Zone out.

Between shopping that needs to be done, children’s homework, bills to be paid, cloths to be watched, it is easy to be there without being there. When your partner clears his calendar as well as his head to really be with you, don’t zone out on him. Let him enjoy your presence.

12.   Sexual Healing.

Women are good at faking it. According to female orgasm fact, while 85 percent of men thought their partner had an orgasm during their most recent episode of sex, only 64 percent of women reported having an orgasm.” Don’t fake it because you’ll end up resenting him. Let him know where you weak spots are so that he can please you.

Give it to him, as he wants it. Be open to experimentation and changes. If he wants you down, go down like lightening. If he wants to go down, open wide like a hungry fish.  Let him take you to places of fireworks and explosions. Let him lead you to far away land you have never been before.

13.  Mrs Right

Your man would make mistakes, do not try to  dwell on it or tell him the famous “I told you so” Let’s face it, sometimes they don’t listen to us but they come back crying when it all goes wrong, just as we warned it would. He is already having a hard time admitting his foolishness; please don’t rub it in if you don’t want a permanent dent on his ego.

When you make mistakes and he decides to let it go, don’t beat yourself over it again.

14.  Day off

These days do not come often so us them wisely. Hang out with the girls, go to the spa or go watch a film do whatever you need to do for you. Do not feel guilty for this day off but enjoy it without worrying about a thing in the world. I think laying in a bath with music to my ears would be nice.

15.  Open Book.

Listen when he opens himself to you. Don’t mock him, empathies with him, calm his fears, encourage him, reason with him.


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