Living in November

There is a joy to being alive today.
The leaves that started this journey
with us lay lifeless on our streets. We
watch the skeletal frame of their naked
home dance in the chilly wind
as we snug our jacket up to ur chin
under the moon. We are alive,
taking in fresh breathe while
the year that was once new prepares
to draw its last. We choose
to breathe-in the festivity of Christmas
and breathe out the frustrations of goals
our hands could not reach. We choose
to bask under the sparkles in the sky
and ignore the darkness that now envelope
the sun, leaving us with only a few hours
of daylight. We choose
to leave October behind to
enjoy the prospect of December
while living fully in November.

We choose to live today, knowing
today is a good day to be alive.

@Kayo Logun