Home on Furlough.

I, a little fusilier, home on furlough;
home to rest and eat to swell
with my musket in my little pocket
and my boots treading the wet grasses.I’m back to the mud house on furlough,
to feel the fresh air in my lungs
and watch the sun go to sleep
while the moon rise to lighten the night.

I’m back to the loving town,
away from the bloody field of sorrow
where you watch your comrade fall
and smile as others sleep in slumber.



Bitter than the smell of queen of the night.

Sweeter than the smell of myrrh.

Love is a metaphor;

bitter in it sweetness,

painful in it soothing,

hot in it coldness,

dry in it wetness.


But still,

Love is beautiful in her glory.

You’ve got to love her

to enjoy her love.

You’ve got to be blind

to see her.

You’ve got to open your heart

to be close to her.

You’ve got to let go of her

to hold her.


Yet, serve me nothing but love.

I’ll take the bitter pills of love

and savour the sweet after taste.

For what is sweet without a bit of bitterness

to remind us of the sweetness of sweet.


Life is full of options, alternatives and choices. These means life is full of opportunities for regrets. There is always room for us to regret any decision that lands us in an unfortunate situation. To this I would say, you don’t need to. For we only know the consequence of the decision taken. For all we know, the consequences of the decisions not taken may be greater.




It might have been…

I might not be…

Maybe if I’d been…

Maybe I’d be…


Maybe if I’d said…

Maybe that would have…

Had I known, I could have…

I shoulda, woulda, coulda said…


Regret is a ton of weight,

Your heart sure can’t take it.


Hello Valentine.

Howdy valentine

How is it gonna be?

This day upon us has come,

the arrows from the soft-skin angel.

Where will you be valentine?

When I take my love to blue water

to pick till her arms thus ache

and my pocket does empty.

What will you do valentine?

When I hold my lady close

taking in the soft lavender scent,

ruffling her silk hair in a kiss.

How would you feel Valentine?

When I take my love out to the roof top

you better come with Valentina

so you don’t stare at a lonely sky.

Where will you look Valentine?

When I Hold my Lady close

and take her soft lips

and massage them in mine.

How would you act Valentine?

When the night is over

and I crawl into bed

with the love of my life.



As a child

I remember looking up to him

I remember my parent’s joy at his presence.

I remember peeping through the kitchen door

to see his face without being seen.

I remember

the sound of his hearty laugh,

the brightness of his eyes,

the firmness of his hand when he carried me.


As a grown woman

I remember seeing him

his bright eyes were still there,

but now they were deep

with wisdom of years ago.

His kind words were still there,

but now I could hear them

in his gestures.

I could feel is hearty laugh

in his silence.


A Few days ago,

I heard he was gone

and the world stood still for a moment.

I wish I had seen him more…

I wish I had spoken to him more…

I wish I had laughed with him more…

but he’s gone to rest now

and I know he knew

he’ll live on in my heart.

Dedicated to my dearest Uncle – Mr Adeniran.