No More

​They asked why I married
I say because his hands
Stings like a bee,
His palm is tattooed
on my cheeks.
His footsteps are carved
In my ribs.
How can I explain
That I had lost myself
Long before he married me
Long before I sold him my soul.

They asked why I stayed
I say because I know only
His voice
Burning through my confidence
Like a discarded cigarette
In a field of dried hay in december.
How can I tell them
That I had lost my ears
To the voices in my head
Before his voice pierced
Through the wax.
How can I explain I am
No more.


I left for a day
And my name had become a blank page in your mind like an artist’s graduation present from a mentor.

 I left for an hour
And my part of the bed burns
With another’s  temperature.

I left for a minute
And my place in your heart
Everporated like a drop of water on a powered electric cooker.


When the world refuses
To echo your cries.
When your child fades
Between your bony legs.
When her eyes cuts you
Like a saw, begging you
To give her life again
But your breath is
Diseased and your hands
Are too weak to soothe
Her burning skin.
When your tears is the
Only salt you can offer
Her tasty tongue.
When the World refuses
To echo your cries,
Take a deep breath
Ans scream again.


Our love is like cayenne
Pepper in the eye.
Like hot tea in the
Wind pipe.
Our love is death itself.


I want a knife that cuts
Shallow, leaves
A jagged skin
And a beautiful scar.
I want a life that
Isn’t living. A world that
Surprises. I want
I want it all.


A woman is like an Iroko tree
Her roots runs deeper
Than your veins. Her breast
Is manna. Her back is a tower
Stronger than alloy. Her tears
Are fire. They burn like hell
Her scream levels mountains.
Her glances speaks thunder.
Her love heals.


There is a cloud coming
Pregnant with a red rain
Glittering with silver and gold
The rain burns like fire
The silver hits like steel
The gold stink like bee
The cloud is coming
Pregnant with blood.