Frogy Prince

There, right there,

Hoping away.

There, right between the grass,

looking silly with lipstick mark

on it lips – my lipstick.

There, right there,

croaking aloud in jest.


I just kissed it,

it’s still a frog.

This one ain’t turning to

no prince charming

One more wasted kiss

on a slimy frog.

There then,

goes another frog.



A Shame to the Stereotype African Husband

This Long poem is in response to Bada Yusuf Amoo’s I NEED AN AFRICAN WIFE.

I need a husband

A man that would remember,

I was taken from his ribs and not his feet.

A man proud to have me by his side

and not leave me struggling to catch up behind.

A man that understand,  I am human

with feeling, opinion and ideas.

A man, man enough to put my needs before his.

A man that believes we work together

to make our lives a paradise on earth.

A man who respects me as a partner and not a slave.

A man that knows we complete and complement each other.


I need a husband

A man, strong enough to share

the responsibilities of daily living.

A man that wants us to spend every time

we have together before the hands

of daily life drags us apart.

A man that understand pregnancy

is not a disease or ailment.

A man that understands me enough

to know how I deal with his emotions.

A man that understands that child discipline is a joint effort.

A man that is humble enough to accept when I give him expert opinion.


Oh I need a husband,

who sees when his mother is bang out of order.

A man that would cook for me

without feeling less of a man

A man that would love me enough

to make me think of home at work.


Yes I need a husband

Who would treat me like a first lady

even when I don’t feel like one.

A man that sees me as a friend and companion

and not a warm body to satisfy the urge in his groin

or a maid to cook his food and do his laundry.


Oh God, I need a husband

One who would call my untidy hair “beautiful”

And my salty rice,” delicious”.

A man that would not see me as an object in his possession

but as a human; born like him.

A man, man enough to love me

like Christ loves the church

A man loving enough

to deserve my submission.

What I need is an African husband,

A man with a combination of character

that would shame the stereotype African husband.