Daniel woke up that morning at six minute past eight. He had overslept despite sleeping at 18:06 the night before. He was late for his appointment. Rushing off to the bathroom, he splashed cold water on his face and ran his wet fingers through his hair.

“That would do,” he said into the mirror “better late than never.”

Pant, rumpled shirt, belt, jacket, gloves, and keys. He rushed out of the house to the car. The car was dusty, evidence of the events of the day before. He thought it would be a better idea to go by public transport, showing up at the Don’s office in a dirty car wouldn’t do his hanging reputation much good and he needed the money.

He rode in the bus 86, hating every minute of it. He felt everyone was looking at him. He dropped at Romford road, the bus stop right in front of no 86 Romford road.
I t was just past 8pm, exactly 6 minute past. A dangerous time to be caught outside Romford road with £8600 in your pocket. The meeting with the Don had gone well, better than he expected; his initial £860 request had turned into a £8600 reward.

He was sweaty and his throat was dry. He bought 8 handkerchief that morning and has used up 6 of it already. He hatred of dirty hankies meant he had thrown he had thrown away 6 out of the 8 he bought.

He jumped as he heard a loud noise down the road.  There were only two people, where the noise came from. He could see a young girl and a lad. The girl was walking away and the lad stood beside a knocked over bin. David guessed the girl had knocked it over before walking off. She knocked another bin over and shouted at the lad “I hate you, you make me sick.”
That was the last thing David heard before he felt the pain and saw the blood spreading in front of his white zara shirt.

 “How unlucky, I won’t be able to catch the bus 86 back home,” he thought before he reached the floor, face down.

My Scattered Room – A reply

My Scattered Room.


This below is my response to Eddy’s “My Scattered Room”


The strength you need is within,

buried under the dirty boots with mud cake.


The strength you desire reside

like a flicking light

beneath the shadows of your wet briefs.


The strength you need

to find the other strength

is deep in your heart.



take a deep breath,




you’ll find

the hidden strength

rise with you

to remove the dust in your room

And remove her/him from your mind.

Walking on Water

Walking on Water.

Words from EDDY



A catchy nursery rhyme for children age 1-5.



Today, I checked my weight.

I’ve lost 2 STONES since I last checked;

a thing of concern and fear to me,

a thing of joy to the others in Hollywood.


I remembered my people’s saying:

“He who has head, has no cap

He who has cap, has no head”

I have neither head nor cap.


For those blessed with a full plate,

take to the scale in desperation,

rejoicing at a STONE lost.

While I, cursed with an empty plate,

take to the scale in desperation,

fearing for STONES lost.


For their scale shows battles won,

mine confirms battles lost.

Their scale reflects money well spent,

mine echoes money not seen.


For my rusty scale

shows the statistics

of a disappearing body

My shabby mirror reflects

a ghost of what used to be.


Standing the muddy floor of my hut

under the leaking roof,

beside the straw bed,

with an empty stomach.

I am indeed,

a shadow of a being

and I am the richest of them all

them that live from hand to mouth.



A poem about how d fucked up kid gets more attention. Excuse the swear word.



Help me not to fuck it up any more.

I love to be good.

I want to be good.

I wish to be good.


I do not see well in good.

I get it all, when I fuck it up –

Attention, money, sympathy…

Why won’t I fuck it up,

when all these is on the plate

for fucking it up.


I see the good ones

They get it all too –

Neglect, dejection, unfair expectation

all of these and so much more

in abundance


Help me not to fuck it up.

Look to the good child.

Take it all away from me,

because I fuck it up,

because I have it all.

keep me in your side though,

praising me when I start

to slide to the good side.

Encourage me when I relapse.

Help me, to not fuck it up

I can be better if you help me.



If I could have just one wish,
I would wish I could turn the hands of time

to that time I altered my first cry.

Crying to the cruel world

for separating me from my one love.

I would wish you were there

If you had been there,

I wouldn’t have cried.

I would have known

that you’ll be there for me

and I would have been glad

to be out of the womb.

All I felt while I was there

is what I feel now with you.