My bed has become a hole
my days merge like melting
iceblocks. I long for arms
around my naked body,
a warm breath on my neck
and silence that means a
thousand words. I’ll like
to be still, to drift off in the
cloud and feel peace, even
if it’s just for a few minutes.


People are starting to gather, they must be thinking I am crazy, they must be wondering what could make me want to take my own life.

The face looking down at me with his brows kissing is my reason for hanging from the veranda railings of a 25th floor flat. He didn’t realise I am this crazy.

To be fair, I didn’t realize I am this crazy too but when you are a thirty-two year old virgin and a man you thought you could trust tries to rape you, you run to the veranda of his flat, hang off the railings and attempt to jump to your death without thinking.


They say I have my mother’s
Eyes. I see it now
When words drop from my mouth
And I look around for her.

They say I am as stubborn as
My father. I see it now
When I ask to be convinced
And I look around for him.

I take what people say back
To my parent with puppy eyes
Waiting for a pat on the head.

They say child we did not
Give you life to be a copy of us.
We gave you life to be the best
Version of a unique creation.
When you are that, is when
We are proud parents.


Born to Roar

We were all born with a roar
But life beats silence into us
Like the waves
beats the shore.


I was free
Rolling with the wind
Until your love captured
Me within the
limit of your view.



She loved orange
It reminded her
Of sunset.

The priest said you left
because your sun had set.

Now she hates Orange.


Life is a thrill
When you find the one
Whose words send a
Chill down your spine.

The world would call
You blessed if the words
Are served with a trail
Of tender kisses
And soft touches.

The world would weep
If the words are coated
In blows that shift
your spine and
paint you blue.

Whichever way,
Life is a thrill
But some thrills
are not worth your breathe.