Starting Point.

As the day end;
Offices shut down computers,
Stores pull down their shutters,
We all shuffle along carrying snowflakes on our eyelashes.
We swing our white heads
To the music of hope
For it is the end of an old week
And the start of a new month.
As doors open into walkways, feet’s
Drawing wet patterns on the floor,
A woman in a skinny blue jeans,
Black heels and red lipstick says to another
While they navigate the corner
Like a nail and a magnet.
“I can feel the love in the air,
this is it, this is the month
love makes good on it promises.
I already bought…” her voice is drawn out by the blast from a golden Hummer Jeep.
To all who feel the breeze at the edge
Of the cliff – it take only one person who
Believes in you to lift you like an hot air ballon
To a place where stars are born.
It takes you loving yourself to let go
To be carried like a feather to a place
where you blossom. It takes a month
like February and days like Valentine’s Day
To remind you that even though love can be
A two edged sword, loving yourself is always
The best place to start.