I started to fold myself
and blur to fit your picture
of me. I wrap my dreams
in bubble wraps, hide them
under a mountain
so as not to embarrass you.
Then I saw I was
not the reflection
in your eyes.
So I busted my bubble
wraps and spread
like melted butter.


I hold back like
a sling fearing to let go
fearing for how
far I may go
how high I may fly
or how hard
I may crash.


What do you do when
the battle gets harder
when one fire lights another
and no place is safe to rest
no peace can be sort.

Where do you draw the energy
to keep fighting
when your strength is spent
and you are dying inside.

What do you do when your
eyes won’t stop streaming
when the troubles
won’t stop coming.


She spread her legs and
Fire fell from the sky
So they bowed before her
As she birth
A star.