Be careful who you break,
some are already broken.
Only playing God
makes them feel
close to whole again.


Silly Boy

I have watched this movie
and written this poem before
so I know when this silly boy
says he loves me it’s not
real but it feels real.
I have been here before
I knew a silly boy
who left me with a hole
too deep to be filled with time.
I know many silly boys
but this silly boy is the one
that will break my heart
yet I carry it on a golden plate
and hand it to him pleading with
him to prove me wrong
begging him to be a man
and not a silly heart breaking boy.


Her silence
was not a


it was a


but your ears
are blocked
to the loud silence.
So you slammed
on till the last strand
of her soul
left her body.

The Beginning of the Last

It’s a New bloom of the last seed
of a disappearing year.
Now, don’t be tempted to stare behind
But give the past a glance
Then soar like an eagle.
Let this month be your grease
on a slide to launch hard and fast –
don’t forget to be furious.

Today is the best day to be alive
Every day of this month
Is the best day to be alive
For this year has prepared you
For a glorious 2018
And this is the month
To pat yourself on the back
And say I have done well.
I have won, I am a winner

My Voice

There are words I want to Scream,
Sing, Yell at the top of my voice.
There are affirmations I want
to make but I can’t.
They are held down like gas
in a cylinder by Doubt, Fear, Expectations.
Today, I’ll let out only one and maybe
I’ll get the courage to let out more later-
I want to be an Actor; wear many skins
and speak in many tongues.
This is a part of me
I need you to understand


When you are
Stuck between
Black and White
Ideas and Desires
Society and Self.
It’s time to burst
Into many colours
Of self discovery;
Find a space
That feels
Like Home.


To gaze upon the light
At the neck of the tunnel
You must
Embrace the hair raising spirit
Of the dark tunnel.