In the Beginning


He said “let there be light”
and there was light with hands
that ripped down the tower of darkness
living in my spine.
Created a cloud of warmth to lay my weary head
and splinters of sparkles to dazzle
my dull eyes.

He said “let there be light”
and there was the heaven and
a whole wide world clear, bright and endless
for me to be me.
To speak with roars of fire that rival that of a dragon
and words so sleek the serpent
would be tempted

He said “let there be light
and there was light”


He said smile baby
it’s a beautiful day.

His eyes glided over my
brother’s bowed head.

He said stand tall boy
you are a man,
you do not bow.

Next time I see him
I’ll chop something off

So he’ll have no reason
to look to others for a smile
He’ll have a smile for himself.

So others can say to him
smile baby; this would be
a satire