A Night in Town

In a foreign land
sitting in the belly of a moving caterpillar
leaning on my girlfriend from the glass house
in the wee of the night, filled with rhymes.

Ha, this is good I say
I caught the eyes of the couples sitting ahead
I see the discomfort of what they see, two girls.
Come home with me tonight, I whispered aloud.

Oh the innocence
The little boy offered a smile to the two girls
Where did you learn to speak English, he asked.
the couple dragged the little boy
Like a dirty old rag across the carriage, I smiled

she smiled and clung tighter to her
her fragrance seeping through the white
cotton separating my cheek from her breast
I yarn for the innocence of childhood
where lies no Judgement.

Morning Coffee

Black Coffee

Ha ha, a message
smiling at my open teeth.
It says “I’ll be the white shirt girl
With a red rose for my Rosa”
A cup of black coffee
to await my white shirt bloke.

I won’t pay with card,
it takes too long, too long.
Salt knocking on soft tissues
caging my swollen eyes
I may let down a river
on the black counter.

I can’t seem to find it
eyes are wet, vision blurred,
my bag is a puddle of crystal mess.
It should be here, in this side space.
This is taking too long,
why is this taking too long.

Two pounds fifty she says
Her sand teeth, a cage to all sympathy
Her eyebrows raised
up in disdain at my gittery.
Her nose turned to smell
Bullshit as I search for it.

I’ll pay with the round disk
burning holes in my purse.
I’ll carry my cup
to the table at the corner
where I wait at sun rise
letting the black river
travelling down the path
whiskey travelled last night.

This river shocks the acid
threatening to escape my eyes.
as I burn a dent in the black sofa
waiting for you
Waiting for you

You, a love that was never to be
I know this, I know this. I do know this
I was here, right here, here at this corner
When the noise of tires screeching
Chattered my world

It was here, I saw
The artist painting a red map
On a cotton white shirt.
A red rose laying beside
A blank eyes, tears.
An open mouth, drool
An empty skull,

The river flowed that day.
Drowning my happiness as your
words echoed in my helmet
I’ll be the white shirt girl
With a red rose for my Rosa.
@kayo Logun



        The  Bible advises us not to despite our humble beginnings and rightly so, because some really great things started small. Every great journey, long or short, starts with a first step. If you skip the first step and jump, you may crash. Crawl, Walk, Run then Fly is a logic that has worked for many years.
        Don’t wait till you can fly before you start your journey. Don’t wait till the perfect time. The now time is the perfect time as the future is not guaranteed. Don’t wait for wings, start with your  tinny winny feet and you may be surprised at how fast they go.
       I am not saying starting big is not good or is impossible.  What I am saying is that, if you have all it takes to start big, please do, but if you don’t, that shouldn’t hold you back. 
       If you have your wings already, please flap them and start by flying. Be prepared for a little bump, scrapped knees and maybe broken arms as you practice flying but keep going and before you know it, you will be soaring like an eagle. 
      If you don’t have your wings, don’t wait for them to grow before you start your journey.  Use what you have. Crawl, Walk, Run, feel the wind under your arms. Before you know it, you will get your wings and be soaring like an eagle.
     This is my word for you today. I hope you are blessed by it. Please share so thats others can be blessed. Comment so that I know your thoughts. Most importantly, enjoy the journey of life whether you are crawling, walking, running or flying.



Winter is a depressing time. It’s d season oceans and lakes freezes. It’s the time our electricity bill goes up and we wrap ourselves in coats and duvets grabbing at every warmth we can find. We become antisocial staying in more to escape the biting cold of each day.

We all have winter periods in our lives. Those times when everything seem to freeze and all we want to do is double over, roll into a ball and savour the warm comfort of our body.

These are the times we need to find the invincible summer within us, that sunshine; d reason to keep our feet moving lest we get frostbites. We all have that fire in us, we just need to find it, light it and keep it going till it creates in us a Summer in the Winter of our lives.



Some are lucky to be born with silver spoons. For most people, life is a struggle. A series of ups and downs, failures and breakthroughs. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up.

However, it’s important 2 note that failure isn’t the end unless we decide it is. The courage to stand every time we fall is what makes life worth living.

Remember, there are always people to lift u anytime u fall.