What I am

As a writer, I fear that my audience may not relate to my work. I often doubt that my work can stand beside the least of famous writer. This most times is the cause of my writer’s block.
as a poet, I fear no one
for poetry is not a chore to me…
It is a need,
poetry is me
I live to write-
I write my life.

When I write
I write to express
the desires in my heart,
the aches in my chest,
the words struggling
down my throat,
the tears burning
behind my eyes,
the sound
humming in my ears.

A poet is who I don’t
have to struggle to be
A poet is who I don’t
doubt to be.

My poems are me,
my poems are my stories
stories of my life….



I’m scared, I should be.

Scared they won’t understand

the reason for the smile on my face.


I shed tears, I should cry.

Cry at the joy of finding my true friends,

those that stood by me.


I weep, I should

for the ones I lost,

the ones I thought were friends.


My mirror now projects a different image;

a shadow of what I use to be.

I now have less than I use to have

but I tell you,

I have more than I thought I had.


For in the eyes of these less,

I see the love that keeps me warm,

the strength to move on,

the encouragement to keep praying

and the assurance that all is well.

I can still see in my eyes

the strength to carry on,

the hope of a better tomorrow.


So although the days are dark,

this darkness has silver linings.

For I have been given the strength

to keep fighting till the battle is won.


Through the chemo,

the clumps of hair on my pillow,

bald patches and lost nipple,

intense illness,

I’ll keep fighting.



7 the number of perfection

2013 is surely a year

a year for the imperfections

of earlier years to be perfected.


Subtract 13 from 20

All you get is perfection –

the perfection of 7,

7 days of creation,

7 days of the week

7 days of several weeks,

several weeks of a new year.


A new year

for you to start over

start over, writing,

writing on a clean slate;

a clean slate of life

a clean state of living

a clean slate to write,

write the living of your life

your life in a new slate.