the heart deceives,
pretends to be unbroken
because the pain
flowing between
the cracks is deadly;
No heart likes
to die this way.

Tunnel End

Can you feel it
Creeping behind you
Transforming the hair on your
skin to soldiers at war front.

Can you feel the light
About to swallow
your shadow
Can you feel it
Like summer
After her icy winter.
-Kayo Logun

Going Back

A brother    an incredible being       mine is the best of them all Ayodeji  – the second of three
From him I gather my strength
From him I learnt to be me

I would lay my childish behind on a wooden stool and trade words with him
With him I learnt the sweetness of words
With him I grew my tongue

My brother he laughed when he saw     my left feet dancing in a broken sandal with my right feet stamping the hot soil    Hair bedding bits of grasses from the tumble in the field     lips spilling red droplets of pain     Eyes shining with pride  I had come like my combat mate to get reinforcement    My brother he laughed when he saw my tongue rolling out words    he saw what I was blind to see

“Girl go back, beat her and her sister and then come back to tell me how you did it” I was 7 a child sent like an errant knight by her king Today I am a woman sent on many trips beyond my power and I have gone back a thousand times in these combats  with life    His words caressing my aching muscles    I tilt the bottom of mountains and shove my tiny nails in goliaths’ eyes

Today I celebrate the brother whose words brought me to grace this world    Today I celebrate
my brother the one with the golden heart laced with business plans and ideas
crafted in stars Today, I say “oh boy”  ait I glad you are my brother
I don’t think you would have worked well
as a sister.

Here is the audio    

Hello Fear


My days are weary,
I dine in the shadow of misery,
in the shade of regret,
in the corner of past
I sink deeper every moment.
The flicker of light fades out,
the ray of hope lightens out,
the mountain of faith falls flat.
Hold me tight, please
break my free fall,
help me out of my misery.
Speak to my weakened soul,
so this place, may lose it hold,
this fear may lose it control,
this darkness may be swallowed
and this mountain may crumble



I look, it tinkles
I gaze, it shines like
A piece of glass
stuck in a pile of coal.
Sleep sneaks around me,
I refuse to succumb
for I want to gaze forever.

It takes me
giving me a lovely view
in the soothing darkness
they all work together
to make life beautiful
the children of nature.