Letter to Self

Dear Self,
I’ll like to remind you
that on this path you thread,
there will be times to hold
and times to fold.
There will be battles won
and lost and there will always be
two sides of the coin.
So head on and leave the tails behind
for there are opportunities to explore
and a million miles to cover
between the head and the tail.
Lots of love



Nothing kicks you in the gut like the last
Bit of something important:
Last kiss, last hug, last breathe.
Today, you and I have taken one in the gut
From the start of the last quarter
Of a year that began three quarters ago.
When we had dreams and the light at the
End of the tunnel was as bright as mirrors
In a summer’s day.

Although we may be tempted to look back with our heart
Trapped in a storm of regret for opportunities we lost
And dreams that fell apart.
We should rather look deeper at
Those fireflies of small victories, unexpected miracles and
Relationships that blossomed.
See how this year has given us sunshine
Amidst the rain and there is more to come.

So don’t hang up your running shoes,
Put on your armour and make this quarter work
Because miracles happen in seconds
And there are millions of it left this year.


Boil me water
hand me the knife
get me the spices
set up the fire
give me ‘that’
that keeps you down
let me make you
a cancer soup
so you can


​It’s easier
to laugh
then to cry. So
I hang on to your
every word.




Sometimes I want
to lay on a field of wet
grass and just breathe.
let my breath take away the heat of life and fill me with peace.
I just want to lay
still like a drop of water
on a plain wood and
just breathe for a moment.
Let life pass by like a lost plane.



​Eyes like windows
they let in, rays
of sun
on her darkest days.