the heart deceives,
pretends to be unbroken
because the pain
flowing between
the cracks is deadly;
No heart likes
to die this way.



I was free
Rolling with the wind
Until your love captured
Me within the
limit of your view.



She loved orange
It reminded her
Of sunset.

The priest said you left
because your sun had set.

Now she hates Orange.


Life is a thrill
When you find the one
Whose words send a
Chill down your spine.

The world would call
You blessed if the words
Are served with a trail
Of tender kisses
And soft touches.

The world would weep
If the words are coated
In blows that shift
your spine and
paint you blue.

Whichever way,
Life is a thrill
But some thrills
are not worth your breathe.


You and I are two sides
of a coin
we dance on water
and make the world
stand still.
You and I are two sides
of a dagger
we leave behind
a kilimanjaro of bodies.
You and I are
a penny in no one’s thought.


Boil me water
hand me the knife
get me the spices
set up the fire
give me ‘that’
that keeps you down
let me make you
a cancer soup
so you can