Don’t shrink me
into a bunch of roses,
my love for you is not
a vase half full of flower food.

Don’t fold me
into a box of chocolate,
my love is not so dark
to milk you till you turn white.

Smear me in coconut oil,
let your nuts fit between my thighs.
Slid down my slimy bossom,
let your heat travel my nape
to my scissors’ screw.

Let me feel you within me,
this Valentine.



Feed me with a cancerous love as soft as an overripe mango
let my spirit shit gold.
Then snatch away the chain of your tumour
let my heart bleed to heal.


Roses and Violets

Roses are crimson
Violets are seas.
This isn’t a game of Colours,
Quit playing pingpong with my heart.




What worries you my love?
Your face is hardened like palm kennel
your eyebrows are kissing like my neighbour’s knees
your lips are tight like a virgin’s sweet pot
and your smile is gone on a hermit’s holiday.

Just the usual stuffs, my dear,
like a path taken turning rough.
To tell you is to shadow the sun
Your smile brightens my day,
I can’t stand to lose it

Your smile is my world, my love
but you have lost it in a bag of thornes
worrying about these usual stuffs.
Tell me these that worries you
and if they shadow the sun
then we will become sun flowers.

I just might, my dear.
If you lose your sun
for these usual stuffs,
this straight path
curving like rubber bowls.
we most venture on
a journey to find it.

But first promise me, my love,
that this sun finding venture
would be ours.
You will not go off to find it
in the bosom of another
and I give you my words,
My sun would not be found
in the arms of another
And this path will lead
To freedom in the end.