Merry Christmas

I can smell Christmas,
it is a chocolaty buttery aroma
sipping through the cluster
Of haunting Halloween costumes.
I can see Christmas
buried beneath a cloud of dust.
It’s red like strawberry stained socks,
crispy like freshly made chips.
I can see Christmas in October.
An offering of a second chance
to bag the negativity
and gather the courage
because second chances don’t come often.
There will be some scary faces
but we’ll get through
because this month
we are to work to make this year
end with a bang!



This Christmas we are 50. Sis Mary said you might not bring enough presents because the elves have been sick like Jimmy. Please bring a new sock for Tommy and a new coat for Jacob. I almost forgot; please bring a new mummy for the new boy. He cries every night and there is no more spare bed in the Orphanage.


All I want for Christmas is for Daddy to be happy. When he is happy, he plays with me and mummy is happy. When daddy is sad, he hits me and makes mummy cry. Please Santa, make my daddy happy forever and ever.


All I want for Christmas is for step-daddy to stop. Please Mrs Claus, make him not come to my room when mummy goes out at night. It hurts when he comes and this Christmas I don’t want it to hurt.



All I desire for Christmas is an answer

to my silent prayer to be answered.

The silent prayer I whisper for all children

to keep them happy and joyous,

safe and protected,

imagining and believing,

believing in a perfect world ,

of unicorns and fairies.

Silent prayer for every child

to be a child and live as one.

Dear Santa Claus,

Dear Santa,

I used to write to you before

but somehow the burden of growing up

choked the believe in you.


Now looking at my New Year list

I realise it looks so much like

The list in the letters I last wrote to you.


Dear Santa my list has matured

My list is different now

but still the same –

the same, just different.

The toy moving train in the old list

has somehow become a Lamborghini Aventador.

The bride and groom doll

to play pretend wedding with.

has become a partner

to wed and live with.


It must be the work of the aging fairy

for I slept with the list under my pillow

one Christmas eve and when I woke

I was 40 years old with a list that

looks different but the same.


May be I’ll just post it to God.

I’ll let him give you the ones that can fit in your bag

while I send off the loan application to the bank

and my CV to those offices.

I’ll hold off contacting the wedding planner

Till I get a confirmation of the bride/groom.


Your friend

The Grown Child