the heart deceives,
pretends to be unbroken
because the pain
flowing between
the cracks is deadly;
No heart likes
to die this way.


Silly Boy

I have watched this movie
and written this poem before
so I know when this silly boy
says he loves me it’s not
real but it feels real.
I have been here before
I knew a silly boy
who left me with a hole
too deep to be filled with time.
I know many silly boys
but this silly boy is the one
that will break my heart
yet I carry it on a golden plate
and hand it to him pleading with
him to prove me wrong
begging him to be a man
and not a silly heart breaking boy.

Still Loving You

This blank page is the unspoken words
You punched back into my lungs,
The white space your feet
Travelled from the blood stained carpet
To the space between my ribs.

This blank page is my testament
To the truth that I made it.
I mended my broken ribs
And stuffed my mouth with smiles
That smells like the ocean and tastes
Like sunshine.

This blank page is my heart still loving you
But not willing to save you
From the other women who found their
Voice and wrote epistles with their
Blood burning the horror you dealt them
Into blank pages.


Your mouth bleeds
Like a rotten wound
And I lick it all
like a lost dog.
That is what we’ve
Always been.
Now I have been to the Vet
And I am done
With you.