This world needs more butterflies
flapping beauty across the sky,
spraying colours through green leaves.
This world needs you to grow your dreams from the larvae days when all slide
along and your body is too heavy
for the wind to carry.

This world needs you to keep at it
till your dreams cut their way out
of their cocoon.

This world needs you to feed your dreams with actions, so that others
can believe there is miracle in them.


About You

Some poems push me
to the edge, draw me
back with a Whiplash force
And leave me breathless.

You are always
the subject of those.



At first,
Strive hard, strip down
to the bare minimum.
Take on the winter cold
And let snow drip down
your fingers.

Blossom with the spring.
Transform your dead bones
into a field of roses and daffodils.
Let May work it magic on your fears.

Never ever
Let the winter get you down
Hold on to May in your heart.
Remember, you are made
To always blossom even in winter.


I spent too much time
in my shell that when I came out,
the world I was born into had left
and I was an alien in the new one.


the heart deceives,
pretends to be unbroken
because the pain
flowing between
the cracks is deadly;
No heart likes
to die this way.


Be careful who you break,
some are already broken.
Only playing God
makes them feel
close to whole again.

Silly Boy

I have watched this movie
and written this poem before
so I know when this silly boy
says he loves me it’s not
real but it feels real.
I have been here before
I knew a silly boy
who left me with a hole
too deep to be filled with time.
I know many silly boys
but this silly boy is the one
that will break my heart
yet I carry it on a golden plate
and hand it to him pleading with
him to prove me wrong
begging him to be a man
and not a silly heart breaking boy.