Farrago Freshers’ Slam, 12/9/14

A nice article on Farrago Poetry night in London

Lunar Poetry

Farrago Freshers Slam, 12th September, 2014, 7.30pm, The Poetry Café, Covent Garden, £6/5

Reviewed by David Turner [Originally published in LP3, October 2014]

Crumbs!! It weren’t ‘alf ‘ot! Audience members were crammed into the Poetry Café’s familiar hot-box of a basement, full to bursting. As always the latest Farrago slam, the country’s (Europe’s? The Universe’s?) longest running, was hosted by John Paul O’Neill.

Peering over perspiring shoulders of paying punters (£6 if you don’t mind. Great it was too to see so many happy to pay to watch a poetry reading) I just about managed to catch a glimpse KayoBalogun’s set. Via the wonder of modern technology I watched one of her poems on the screen of a smart phone as a friend filmed her set. Kayo gave us three poems in her debut feature set. While it took the duration of her first poem to…

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