Lost (Beloved Daughter)

It was a Summer Evening
The breeze ran over the grass
turned the leaves into Jelly fishes.
I crushed blades beneath my feet
with every step on my way to find love.

Love had a different mind
He pulled me by my crown
pinned my face to the rock
Scales of the baobab tree
and yanked my skirt away.

The torn piece flew into the night
soaring like a lone vulture away
From the carcass of it dinner engraved
in the belly of fine pebbles in a mute furnace.

Ice wind rushed between my legs
Flushing my will, my freedom
Through my mouth with every scream
of NO! Please! Don’t!

He slammed away, tearing through my web
Till he released his poison inside of me
It toxic glow exploded through my veins
Till my heart pumped charcoal ink
Upon the slab I wrote my will.

This  poem has been edited several times, here is the latest version on my first attempt on Soundcloud. Listen and comment on which version you like more.


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