A Night in Town

In a foreign land
sitting in the belly of a moving caterpillar
leaning on my girlfriend from the glass house
in the wee of the night, filled with rhymes.

Ha, this is good I say
I caught the eyes of the couples sitting ahead
I see the discomfort of what they see, two girls.
Come home with me tonight, I whispered aloud.

Oh the innocence
The little boy offered a smile to the two girls
Where did you learn to speak English, he asked.
the couple dragged the little boy
Like a dirty old rag across the carriage, I smiled

she smiled and clung tighter to her
her fragrance seeping through the white
cotton separating my cheek from her breast
I yarn for the innocence of childhood
where lies no Judgement.


2 thoughts on “A Night in Town

  1. Fikayo, you have not only successfully portrayed the beauty of childhood innocence. You have also described the way prejudice against other peoples is inherited and not inherent to human nature. None of us, whether brown, white or blue are ever born understanding that one individual is more superior or inferior but rather we are taught to understand this societal “fact of life”.

    Thank you for this. Great job!

    • Thank you very much Aderonkey. You are right and it is a breath of fresh air when you see innocence in display. I wish we can all be like children.

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