The  Bible advises us not to despite our humble beginnings and rightly so, because some really great things started small. Every great journey, long or short, starts with a first step. If you skip the first step and jump, you may crash. Crawl, Walk, Run then Fly is a logic that has worked for many years.
        Don’t wait till you can fly before you start your journey. Don’t wait till the perfect time. The now time is the perfect time as the future is not guaranteed. Don’t wait for wings, start with your  tinny winny feet and you may be surprised at how fast they go.
       I am not saying starting big is not good or is impossible.  What I am saying is that, if you have all it takes to start big, please do, but if you don’t, that shouldn’t hold you back. 
       If you have your wings already, please flap them and start by flying. Be prepared for a little bump, scrapped knees and maybe broken arms as you practice flying but keep going and before you know it, you will be soaring like an eagle. 
      If you don’t have your wings, don’t wait for them to grow before you start your journey.  Use what you have. Crawl, Walk, Run, feel the wind under your arms. Before you know it, you will get your wings and be soaring like an eagle.
     This is my word for you today. I hope you are blessed by it. Please share so thats others can be blessed. Comment so that I know your thoughts. Most importantly, enjoy the journey of life whether you are crawling, walking, running or flying.


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