A Stroll in the Cold on Roehampton lane

I feel like an astronaut walking on eggshells

but when I think about it

It is for the better

feeling the cold wind only on my exposed face,

I can happily acknowledge the layers of clothing

shielding me from the harsh winter cold


I climbed down the stairs walking away from

The station, I stop to look at the naked trees

standing like military guards along the tiny

path ahead.

Here’s a fortune cookie at my feet

someone must have dropped it earlier. I wonder

what it says

I don’t believe in fortune telling but

even I was tempted to open it to read what is written

as I walked further away                       from barnes

station holding on to the cookie and trying not to

let my mind wander off to the man that sat at that

corner the                          far corner in the train

he was hiding behind a newspaper.                            His

hand was vividly shaken, I’m going to have a

word with him. Don’t panic it was just a thought, one

I could                         never act upon, not here

in England. It is quite a quiet night                                     tonight

cars                                          are still on the road but

just me, myself and I walking on the long road

one habit I am beginning to think           of giving up

not because I think it is not safe             no, it is

because I                                  don’t intend to keep strolling with

a pen, pencil and papers in my bag in the cold

shivering and asking myself again what the  hell

I am doing on Roehampton lane at 12 midnight.


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