Abortion -The Shadow


They will not be terminated.
The memories of angels you left exterminated,
The slimy beans-shaped mass you called with every thrust inside
You, you cried but did not call as you ride.
The smooth soft skin you will not kiss goodnight,
The bundle of joy you will never engage in a fight
You will have no innocent eyes to look into,
Teeny feet to watch take a first step in a tiny shoe
Red hurting finger to soothe with a kiss.
You will never worry for the milk tooth loss.

I have heard in the childish babble of every child the silent cry of my
slaughtered children.
I have strangled, squelched
The squeeze in my chest at the sight of bulging tummies walking herein.
I have murmured “ducky”, if I transgressed, trespassed, if I snatched
Your violin
And your life from the future concert you planned,
If I stole from your fingers the feel of the texture of a teddy bear,
Your scary first day with the short lady in the warm day care,
Your first cry for milk, your first kiss and heartbreaks, your troubles,
pains, your bound to a mate,
The feel of breathe fading as you straight.
If I squashed your under-developed body
Trust, I meant no hurt to befall you with my cowardice.
Why should I lament my lack of strength twice?
Since you are dead, gone or rather no more
You could have been stronger, for
In this world is a cold war. So adieu
Oh, how do I put it? To the life you never knew
But you came, lived secured and left
Only you never felt on your face the cold breeze, calm,
The feel of ice cream on your little palm.

Trust me, I loved you before I felt you all
I was a part of you even though I did not know you well, I loved you
I loved you all.


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