BAROKA – Lion and the Jewel

They call me the lion,

Ilujinle is my jungle

Pay no hid to the village mad man

I have no hate for him.

Would it profit me to

pit my strength against

a weakling?…

you see I change my wrestlers

when I have learnt to throw them


Lakunle’s efforts are like that of a woman

pouring water into a basket; for

Ilujinle shall remain my jungle.

I’m I not Baroka, the King of the Jungle.


They say I paid off the contractors.

In defence of my honour,

I’ll utter no utterance.

Let my ever present enemies

speculate, it is okay.

Mystery is my first love;

I live, sleep, bath in it ray.


For now, I have no love

but Sidi, till another battle

offers to be conquered;

she was an easy prey.

It took only the right ingredients:

a plan, the leak, Sadiku’s flaming mouth

and the prey walked into the set trap.

I use what I have to get what I want,

Am I not Baroka

King of the Jungle.


To think I paid her no heed

till the stranger brought her

beauty out like the morning dew

then I remembered it had been

five full month since I last

warmed my bed with a new blood.


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