Kai! Our head-hunter has gone coo-coo.

He who killed Adiche-the tailless lion

with his bare hands has gone coo-coo.

Kai! The great head-hunter of Ogoja o


He was swift and fearless.

Was it not he, who drove the pack of laughing jackal

back into the migbodo forest,

while the other hunters ran and hid under their wives’ skirts.

Indeed, it was he, who saved the village

from the notorious crocodile of the Mimi river.

The crocodile whose skin still adorns the Village Head’s feet.


His troubles they say started when he killed two pregnant elephants with one shot.

They say they were pregnant of gods, for the little ones’ eyes shone like the stars.

The head-hunter broke down and cried like a child at the sight of the babies.

He ran into the forest months after, no one except a few ever saw him again.

Of course, only a few who went into the forest after him ever return.


But we hear stories of him from the few who dared to hunt in the forest.

The few who lived to tell the stories.

Stories of how he attacked them like a ferocious animal.

He has become one with the jungle, he has gone coo-coo, they say

He is now the king of our forest.

He who was once our head-hunter now hunts our hunters.


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