I write for my friend ADAOBI MICHAELLA OBIH has been taken. I sit on my bed, hunched over my laptop. Drops of tears fall on the keypad. I struggle to type, my fingers hitting the soft keyboard as my vision becomes blurry and the letters become boxes of black and white. Why is the world so cruel? Who could have ended a life so vibrant?

Flashes of the time I spent with her comes flooding back. Adaobi in the green Maria Goretti day-wear leading the rosary or dancing down from and to St Anthony on Sunday. She was a religious, athletic and charming girl, a little on the boyish side but with a feminine touch. She was dedicated to great causes and was a focused individual.

Her feminine side blossomed over the years. Her facebook posts always bring smiles to my face. Her pictures were of a charming young woman, but her post were about her passion for sports. I always thought Adaobi managed to merge the tomboy and the lady in her to produce a remarkable and rarest gem.

I looked back to messages I should have sent to her. Things I should have said to her. It hurts me to know that I never knew her beyond those wonderful years in Regina Mundi Secondary School.

I wish my creative mind could recreate moments before she died but my creative juice seem to be dry and my thoughts are scattered. She was a brave young woman and she was physically strong. I imagine she must have fought for her life.  I wonder if she had been scared. I wish she didn’t feel any pain. I wish she died in peace as I know she now rest in peace. I wish I were there with her. I wish her death was not true but it is. She is gone.

A frantic search of the internet for news update has brought more news about her murder. My dear friend was stabbed to death. this gentle soul was stabbed in multiple places and her throat was cut with a knife. Ryan A. Klug, 36, of 3461 Limestone Lane, Apt. 2134, is the prime suspect, a blood-saturated clothes the same size as Klug wears were found in their two-bedroom apartment. Every new information on Adaobi’s murder makes us understand what she went through during the last hours of her stay in this world but this information makes me angry and makes her death harder to bear. I pray Adaobi finds peace, I take consolation in the fact that she lived her life to the fullest.

She was a rare gem. A gift to the world that knew her.


Woe to that living heart that stole your life –

Let him not die,

Let him live-forever, if possible.

Since it’s not possible

Woe betide him/her.


My heart aches,

I turn around in circles,

sharp pain dashing through

my bleeding heart.

No one knows my pain,

no one can feel what I feel,

no one can miss you

like I do.

You were known by all

in different ways.

We feel the pain of your death

on different levels.

We miss you

in unique ways.


Of time lost

Of time gained

Of time spent

Of moments with you

I am glad our path crossed

Rest dear

Till we meet again.

Never to part.

Here is a tribute from her sister’s friend –

Follow this link to read about the details of her murder –


Justice is served



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