They say life is a race, I say this race has no straight route. This race is run on a crooked path with turns and corners, potholes and bumps. This race is made of detours and diversions, alternative routes and junctions. There is no straight path for this race called LIFE.

Whatever turn your race takes you to, please, do your best. No knowledge is lost and no situation is worthless. David was ordained a King but his path did not take a direct route to the kingdom. He continued to be the shepherd boy and the least of his brethren.

However, his time as a shepherd thought him skills that opened his race to the path of greatness. I imagine him dramatizing how he kills lions and bears to Saul in 1 Samuel 17: 34 – 37. It was a job interview and his experience as a shepherd got him the job.

Whatever your situation is, take it as a learning field to enhance your CV. Are you passionate about acting but you are stuck working in Primark? Do it with Joy, work the stage behind the till and perform your act every day at work. The role that would get you your break may require the skills you are getting at the till. Gladden your heart, let not the cloud of sadness fall over your face, lest your spirit be broken and your destiny be stolen. Run this race called LIFE to the best of your ability.


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