Gerald Roger’s Advice after a divorce – A feminine Response 2


Part 2

6.  Acknowledgement of Emotions.

Your partner can do everything right but it would all look wrong if you decide to simply be miserable. It is your decision to be happy or sad. You have to strive to be happy with yourself so that your husband’s effort to make you smile would put smile on your face. You need to discover what makes you happy and share this secret with your King. Also go the extra mile to find what makes your King happy and be the one to give it to him.

7.  Separate Actions from Persons.

Expressions like “opening old wounds” and “situations, words and event striking a cord” only emphasises the truth that people can only get to you when you allow them to. Someone calling you a bastard should not hurt you if you have no question about your paternity. Learn to separate your partner’s offence from him as a person. Isolate what he has done that has made you angry and deal with it by thinking of why it has affected you so much. Take time out to think about it if you need to; just make sure your time out does not lead you avoiding or ignoring him. You ever heard of the expression “hate the game, don’t hate the player”; yes hate the offence and not your man.

8. Venting time.

You are human and an important individual. You are allowed to vent your anger, to fear, to worry, be upset, be whatever you feel like but allow yourself to be comforted. Let your partner soothe that hurting soul with his words. Let him massage that aching shoulder. Let him tell you it would be ok when you both know it may not be. He is supposed to be your pillar, lean on him and do not be afraid to be weak. Let him be your strength when you are weak. Let him know you appreciate his strength by taking what he offers you; a shoulder to cry on.

9.  Laughing Gas.

Remember your first date, did you not laugh at every joke he made? Never forget that. Relax, let him feel like he can be silly around you without being judged. Allow him to make you laugh. Laughing transforms embarrassing moments to fun times, I am sure that is what you want; fun times with your partner <wink wink>

Learn to laugh at yourself too. Life looks a lot better, when your eyes are watering, your stomach muscles are aching and you are rolling over with laughter.

10. Soul food.

We learn to show love from childhood and the show of love is a continuous lesson. However, some love language stick like glue to us and you need to learn that which your man speak. You owe it to your soul to be treated like a queen everyday so if hand out those little secrets to your man.

Now return the favour by feeding your man’s soul by speaking his love language. You would feel like a queen when you get a positive feedback from your King. There is no greater joy that when you see love for you ooze out of your man because of something you did. I love to make a man speechless, I don’t know about you. Give it to him in whatever language he speaks, whether it be; a little poem under the bed, a text message at work, breakfast in bed, a rose in the bathroom, even a new sex top.


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