Styling a Woman

I love being a woman: what’s not to love?

Is it the staggering monthly pain or the uncomfortable slimy feelings that comes with it.?

Is it the need to pray earnestly for a responsible man and the responsibility, to permanently be on your knees, praying that the man achieves his goals while staying safe and healthy?

Is it the need to constantly appear, spotless and trendy, to make your friends jealous, to make your man proud, to lift your spirit and make you feel good?

At least, this last need, has been simplified by the likes of Silhouette Trends Styling


Silhouette Trends Styling is one of many but unique in its own right. It cannot be compared to any other styling blog or website. It brings styles to life and gives it a personality of its own.

Silhouette Trends Styling promotes and highlights different styles with the intent of tailoring these styles to the wearer’s personality. This blog encourages women to embrace their body structure and enhance what they have with the different tailor made combinations. It educates and informs women on what current trend would better suit their body.


For me, a date means, a quick run to Silhouette Trends Styling .

An event means a quick peek at Silhouette Trends Styling .

A relaxing afternoon in the park would find me scrolling down Silhouette Trends Styling

Any day would find me, scanning Silhouette Trends Styling, to delete the stress of a scattered box, a disarray shoe rack and a splitting headache that comes with every outing and special occasion.



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