Hit me with your best shot – Be a woman


Hit me with your best shot.

Proof yourself to be a woman.

A woman worthy to be a host,

a woman strong enough to be a pillar.


I search not for a buddy,

if you think of yourself

better  then proof it.

Home alone…your feet up,

a pool of scattered clothes,

you are no better than me.

Off to the market…

back with ……….

you’ve prove yourself unworthy.

our babies hunger and thirst

you turn and toss.

you are  have no proof

that you are a woman.

Sitting on the mud stool

with no care in the world

you are my rival;

you are no woman


For you are of no use,

you are not worthy

of the title bestowed on

women, mothers, wives


So tighten up,

move your enormous behind

off the dirty mud stool.

Bend your straight spin

and make the earth sparkle.

Marry the palm tree branch

with the hard floor of the mud hut;

let the dust rise to the sky.

Let the fire wood crack

under the earthen pot of soup.

Let the aroma of your delicacy

make the flies dance the atilogue dance.

Bend your lock knees

and say a plead for my wellbeing.


Then will you have proved yourself.

Then will the money I give not

burn a hole in your bra.

Then will your head find a restful place

in the hollow of my chest.

Then will the sound of my heart beat

not block your delicate ears.

Then will the melody of your children

calling you Maami, make your heart swell.

Then will the sound of my voice, calling

Ayaami make you hide a smile like a young maiden.

Then will you find pleasure in my steady thrust.



2 thoughts on “Hit me with your best shot – Be a woman

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