Hit me with your best shot.

Proof yourself to be a man.

A man worthy of a third leg.

A man strong enough to pull his weight.


I need no rival,

if you think yourself better,

then prove it.

Farming…back home

with an empty basket,

you are no better than me.

Hunting …back with

an empty trap,

you are  have no proof

that you are a man.

Laying on the worn mat

with no source of income,

you are my rival;

you are no man


For you are of no use,

you are not worthy

of the title bestowed on

men, fathers, husbands.


So buckle up.

Move your sagging body

off the tattered mat.

Go look for a source of income

and be back with the confidence of a man.

Then will you have proved yourself.

Then will the food I put on the table

by pass your wind pipe and enter your throat.

Then will you find honey in hollow of my breast.

Then will the sound of your children

calling you baami, gladden your heart.

Then will the sound of my voice, calling

olowo orimi make you smile with pride.

Then will you find rest between my legs.



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