Birthday Gift

My birthday was some days ago and I had a lot of people, things, issues and situations add colour to the day. One of the things was this lovely poem Eddywrites wrote specially for me on my birthday.

If wishes were fishes,
slippery and quick.
If they spat shocks,
like straight-faced eels.
If I’d have to dive,
deep into the sea’s belly.
And catch one,
to make mine come through..

I’ll grow claws,
and buy an oxygen mask.
I’ll wear rubber gloves,
to help me on my task.
I’ll find me that eel,
maybe the most slippery..
If that wish,
is for me to see you,
and hold you,
and wish you a happy birthday.
and give you kisses,
and strawberry hugs.
and watch you smile,
as streams of sunlight,
flow from your face.

I’ll find the bloody eel.
Heaven knows I will.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Gift

  1. Everybody has her own opinion. And I think every man has his ideas about this subject. There is no right or wrong, as I see it.

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