All I could see were fireflies

glittering little pieces

of diamond in black

glowing in the dark

in set of twos.

two, , four, six, eight…

they seem to be everywhere.

The noise, the howling in the night…

seems to come from everywhere.


A shiver shot down my spine,

a trick,  It must be, I thought,

one to get back to me,

for crying wolf.

So I called out “it’s not funny!!!”

My reply – a loud howl,

hot breath knocking on my neck.


My heart grabbed my throat, I tripped

and fell into the warm arms of ice.

My mouth could form no words.

Rainbow giving diamonds

Snow White diamonds

Sharp edged diamonds

Snaring diamonds.


I cried wolves

but laughter …pain was my answer.

piercing needle pains

Body ripping pains

Breath snaching pains

Life stealing pains

in every part of my body.


I floated away,

below lay a cloud-

A Pack of Wolves,

a trail of red in the snow.

I had cried wolf one time to many.


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