Break the lock…

Pick the lock…

Break the wall…

Pick the window latch…

Do anything and everything.


For to relent, is to die…

To give up on you, is to be no more.

None of the us, let us win

But we fight, we fight till us, is us

Dear, fight!!!

Fight…till you… is you.


But again;

Maybe to win

is to not forget.

Maybe to win,

is to live in the memory-

memories of her in you

May be to win,

is to see the beauty…

The artistic layout…

The mixture of colour…

In the scattered room.


Whatever you do,

do not give up!

Strive to find a way –

A way in the blocked doorway,

A light in the darkness

of scattered soiled briefs.


Response to Eddy’s “Me and my me” –


3 thoughts on “TO GIVE UP IS TO DIE.

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