Daniel woke up that morning at six minute past eight. He had overslept despite sleeping at 18:06 the night before. He was late for his appointment. Rushing off to the bathroom, he splashed cold water on his face and ran his wet fingers through his hair.

“That would do,” he said into the mirror “better late than never.”

Pant, rumpled shirt, belt, jacket, gloves, and keys. He rushed out of the house to the car. The car was dusty, evidence of the events of the day before. He thought it would be a better idea to go by public transport, showing up at the Don’s office in a dirty car wouldn’t do his hanging reputation much good and he needed the money.

He rode in the bus 86, hating every minute of it. He felt everyone was looking at him. He dropped at Romford road, the bus stop right in front of no 86 Romford road.
I t was just past 8pm, exactly 6 minute past. A dangerous time to be caught outside Romford road with £8600 in your pocket. The meeting with the Don had gone well, better than he expected; his initial £860 request had turned into a £8600 reward.

He was sweaty and his throat was dry. He bought 8 handkerchief that morning and has used up 6 of it already. He hatred of dirty hankies meant he had thrown he had thrown away 6 out of the 8 he bought.

He jumped as he heard a loud noise down the road.  There were only two people, where the noise came from. He could see a young girl and a lad. The girl was walking away and the lad stood beside a knocked over bin. David guessed the girl had knocked it over before walking off. She knocked another bin over and shouted at the lad “I hate you, you make me sick.”
That was the last thing David heard before he felt the pain and saw the blood spreading in front of his white zara shirt.

 “How unlucky, I won’t be able to catch the bus 86 back home,” he thought before he reached the floor, face down.


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