A poem about how d fucked up kid gets more attention. Excuse the swear word.



Help me not to fuck it up any more.

I love to be good.

I want to be good.

I wish to be good.


I do not see well in good.

I get it all, when I fuck it up –

Attention, money, sympathy…

Why won’t I fuck it up,

when all these is on the plate

for fucking it up.


I see the good ones

They get it all too –

Neglect, dejection, unfair expectation

all of these and so much more

in abundance


Help me not to fuck it up.

Look to the good child.

Take it all away from me,

because I fuck it up,

because I have it all.

keep me in your side though,

praising me when I start

to slide to the good side.

Encourage me when I relapse.

Help me, to not fuck it up

I can be better if you help me.



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